President’s Message

Packaging to the future

As a leading company in liquid packaging that
meets a wide variety of needs, aiming to realize
a sustainable society and improve corporate value.
President Tadashi Hasebe

As of April 1, 2023, I have taken office as the President of Taisei Lamic Co., Ltd.

Taisei Lamic aims to provide film and liquid filling machines together, based on the desire to “respond to customer needs that cannot be solved with film alone”. We have been working on corporate activities with the mission of continuing to provide “safe, secure and convenient” products and services with the know-how cultivated through research and practice.

In recent years, the social situation has changed rapidly, such as changes in people’s lives, consciousness and values triggered by the corona disaster, international conflicts, and difficulty in procuring energy and raw materials, and soaring prices due to natural disasters.
Even under these circumstances, we will firmly adhere to our business model of providing one-stop services for film, DANGAN, and operations. I believe that it is my mission to further evolve the group’s “Liquid packaging system.”

In addition, we will continue to develop environmentally friendly products and labor-saving products so that we can contribute through the corporate activities of our group to the various issues faced by our customers and society, such as environmental problems and a declining working population.
We will continue to work to realize a sustainable society and improve corporate value.
We sincerely ask for your continued support in the future.