Corporate History


Period Changes in Business
Mar., 1966 Established Taisei Houzai K.K. at Adachi-ku in Tokyo.
Apr., 1975 Relocated headquarters to the Saitama Factory. ( Currently Shiraoka 3rd Factory )
Oct., 1989 Established Tohoku Sales Office. ( Currently Morioka Salse Office )
Apr., 1990 Changed corporate name to ” Taisei Lamick Co., Ltd.”
Sep., 1992 Started production of the ” NT-DANGAN” high speed auto filler developed jointly with Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
May, 1993 Established “Green Packs Co., Ltd.” Subsidiary.
Dec., 1993 Established current headquarters and factory at Shiraoka Saitama Pref.
May, 1995 Established Fukuoka Sales Office. ( Currently Fukuoka Branch )
Nov., 1996 Established Nagoya Sales Office. ( Currently Nagoya Branch )
Oct., 1998 Established Sendai Store. ( Currently Sendai Salse Office )
Oct., 2001 Established pouch factory.
Apr., 2002 Became listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Feb., 2003 Expanded headquarters with new factory.
Mar., 2003 Became listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mar., 2004 Established Osaka Sales Office. ( Currently Osaka Branch )
Nov., 2005 Acquiring ISO 9001 / ISO14001 certification. (Currently maintaining only ISO14001)
Apr., 2006 Established Sapporo Sales Office.
Mar., 2007 Installed VOC ( Volatile organic compound) processing system as an environmental measure.
Aug., 2009 Established Niigata Machine Development Office.
Apr., 2011 Established Taisei Lamick USA, Inc(TLU) in U.S.A. as a subsidiary company.
May, 2013 Established Shiraoka 2nd Factory.
Mar., 2015 Acquiring Eco Rail Mark Certification.
Oct., 2015 DANGAN Demonstration Room is built in Fukuoka and Nagoya Branch.
Apr., 2016 Acquiring FSSC22000.
Apr., 2016 Established Tokyo Branch.
Jun., 2016 Established LA Branch of TLU in California state.
Sep., 2016 Acquired Malaysia Packaging Industry Berhad(MPIB).
Apr., 2017 Established Okayama DANGAN'S STUDIO.
May, 2017 Established Hoshikawa DANGAN'S STUDIO.
Oct., 2017 Changed the corporate name of “MPIB” to “Taisei Lamick Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.(TLM)”
Mar., 2018 Established the new factory of TLM in Selangor, Malaysia.
May, 2018 Enlarged Niigata Machine Development Office.
May, 2019 Established Korea Branch.
May, 2019 Relocated Sendai Sales Office.