Corporate Overview

Corporate Appearance

Taisei Lamick is the leading company in liquid and paste packaging systems combining plastic films, high-speed auto fillers and training developed based on unique technologies and know-how to achieve enhanced productivity high quality and high functionality.

Corporate Overview

Company name Taisei Lamick Co., Ltd.
Address 873-1 Shimo-osaki Shiraoka, Saitama, 349-0293, Japan
Representative President Tadashi Hasebe
Established March 22,1966

(Period ending March 2023)

Capital JPY3,426,240,000.-
Description of
Development, manufacturing and sales of liquid filling film “RevSpec series” which is mainly plastic film, liquid filling machine “DANGAN series” and peripheral equipment,.
No.of Employees
652 employees
Business Places Headquarters・Film factories, Nigata office・Machine factory, Hoshikawa DANGAN’S STUDIO, Okayama DANGAN’S STUDIO, DANGAN’S STUDIO WEST
Sales Branch Sapporo, North east, Omiya, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Korea
Domestic Subsidiary Green Packs Co., Ltd.    Location: Shiraoka, Saitama
Overseas Subsidiary Taisei Lamick USA, Inc.    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Taisei Lamick Asia(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.    Location:Selangor, MALAYSIA
Financial Indicators
Sales JPY29,220 million
Operating profit JPY  2,518 million
Recurring profit JPY  2,624 million
Current profit JPY  1,919 million